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Obama’s Gamaliel Foundation Lies to Catholic Granting Agency to Keep Funds

Since its founding in 1969 as the National Crusade Against Poverty, the Catholic Campaign for Human Development has been under close watch as grant recipients routinely engage in campaigns which undermine the Bride of Christ.  In more recent years, the Reform CCHD Now coalition has documented in excruciating detail how these organizations act either directly or through coalitions in support of abortion, homosexuality, birth control and even Marxism.

According to RCN, over the past three years, as overall grants from the CCHD to individual organizations has decreased, the number of organizations acting against the Faith has increased.

But this is only part of the story.  RCN reported earlier today that the Gamaliel Foundation provided a falsified letter to the National CCHD office in Washington, DC because it was caught being a member of an organization that promoted homosexuality.  It should be remembered that Barack Obama got his start in the Gamaliel Foundation in the 1980′s.  The entire story can be found in any one of the individual reports RCN did on Gamaliel affiliates that received money from the CCHD this past year, but for your ease, you can see the evidence for yourself here.

Here’s what happened.  RCN discovered that the Gamaliel Foundation was listed as a member of the Fair Immigration Reform Movement, both on Gamaliel’s website and FIRM’s.  Here’s a screen capture of both membership lists from the RCN report:

But it’s actually deeper than that.  See, not only is Gamaliel a member of FIRM, but it is a FOUNDING member and is an annual member of the Organizing Committee, which is the governing body of the organization, as you can see in the next screen-capture from FIRM’s website.

The problem?  In March of 2010, FIRM took an organizational position in full support of recognizing same-sex “families,” and working to ensure that same-sex couples and “families” are protected in immigration reform programs.  In short, this is a back-door way to try to get the government to recognize same-sex marriage without doing ANYTHING about legalizing gay marriage … all they had to do was strike down DOMA.  Keeping in mind that the Gamaliel Foundation is an Organizing Committee member, meaning it would have had a hand in the decision to take this action, just take a good look at what FIRM said, as an organization, on its website:

Now, after all of this was handed over to the CCHD to illustrate an organizational support for homosexuality, the Gamaliel Foundation responded to the evidence by sending the CCHD a copy of a letter they claim to have sent to FIRM in May of 2010, severing all ties with them.  As you can see in the evidence compiled in RCN’s report on Gamaliel, FIRM strategy sessions dated 2011 were located on Gamaliel’s website, including information on Gamaliel’s membership on FIRM’s Executive Committee … evidence that Gamaliel was quick to hide once the information was presented to the CCHD.  But the most damning bit of evidence comes from an outside source.

Someone who happened to be a member of FIRM’s Members Google Group posted meeting minutes from FIRM’s December 9, 2011 conference call.  Not only is Ana Garcia-Ashley, the president of Gamaliel, listed as a participant on the call, but Gamaliel itself was nominated to FIRM’s executive committee for 2012.

If Gamaliel severed ties with FIRM in May of 2010, as the letter it sent to the CCHD indicated, then why was it hosting membership documents on its own website, listing itself as a member and a member of the executive committee, and why is the president of the Gamaliel Foundation, Ana Garcia-Ashley, listed as a participant on a members conference call on December 9, 2011 … 1 year and 7 months AFTER the alleged letter?  The answer seems pretty clear.  The question now is, what is CCHD going to do about it?

Let’s find out … call Ralph McCloud, the Executive Director for the CCHD, and ask him.  202-541-3367

If you can’t get ahold of him, call one of his staff members:

Lydia Jiles, Grants Administrator 202-541-3210

Grants Specialists:

Randy Keesler  202-541-3369

Sean Wendlinder 202-541-3212

Bonita Anderson  202-541-3371

Kathryn Dorsett  202-541-3370

Sandy Mattingly-Paulen  202-541-3211


  • Rev. Joseph Mattern


    Greetings from our Casa Esther Catholic Worker House in Omro, WI. I find it disconcerting that your Societas Restituo Catholicam is attacking GAMALIEL. In my association with this outstanding social justice organizing group, I have met the most dedicated Catholics to be found. GAMALIEL is doing gospel justice work more effectively than any group or movement I have seen in my many years in the priesthood. If anyone is worthy of recieving CCHD funding, it is GAMALIEL. Please, in the name of the gospel of Jesus Christ, cease from speaking against this wonderful and dedicated group of believers in doing justice.

    • Societas Staff


      Dear Fr. Mattern, While I have no doubt that you have met some wonderful people, the facts are what they are. The facts of the Reform CCHD Now coalition's reports on the matter are as follows: 1) The Gamaliel Foundation presented a letter dated May 2010 to the National CCHD, claiming to have severed ties with the Fair Immigration Reform Movement (FIRM), however, further information proved that Gamaliel was still a member of FIRM in 2011, and even on its executive committee. This is not an attack, this is a fact. 2) In Wisconsin, the state affiliate for Gamaliel (WISDOM) is a dues-paying member of Citizen Action, which has taken organizational positions in favor of Planned Parenthood and abortion. 3) The executive director for the Gamaliel Foundation, Ana Garcia Ashley, is on the board of directors of the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy (NCRP), and Gamaliel itself is a dues-paying member. The problem is that NCRP has taken MANY organizational positions in favor of abortion and same-sex marriage. I encourage you to read the documented evidence on Reform CCHD Now's home page.

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