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New Evidence: Multiple CRS Documents Promote Condoms

Life Site News just released a bombshell of a report about several other documents produced by Catholic Relief Services which promote condom use.

LifeSiteNews asked CRS about the Vietnam manual last Thursday and was assured later in the day by communications director John Rivera that “CRS does not purchase, promote or distribute condoms, nor do we provide funding to other organizations for the purchase, promotion or distribution of condoms.”

“We continue to review all our publications and programs to ensure there is full compliance with this position. We thank LifeSite News for pointing out this inconsistency, which will be corrected,” he added.

Pleased with the seemingly swift resolution, on Friday we sought some clarification and asked about the other documents. We asked whether providing “complete and accurate” information on condoms violates CRS policy, and – noting that many of the pulled documents had been written or reviewed by high-level staff at CRS headquarters in Baltimore – we asked whether they were standing by their original statement that all CRS employees abide by Church teaching in their work.

Finally, given that CRS was apparently unable to resolve the scandal despite their pledges of reform after the controversy in 2008, we asked what assurances they could make to Catholic donors that the problems would be resolved this time around.

After multiple attempts to reach them, on Tuesday CRS indicated they would not be responding. Rivera reiterated it again Wednesday: “We’re going to let our statement suffice,” he said.

Apparently, one of the CRS-written, reviewed, and published documents discovered by Life Site News included a picture of a box of condoms.

A drawing of a box of condoms included
as part of an activity for the We Stop AIDS curriculum.

Another CRS-produced document called “Windows of Hope” is an HIV/AIDS curriculum that targets children between the ages of 8-12.  One quote from this document that really stands out should remove all doubts about the disposition of those running the show over at CRS:

Virus: There is another way to keep me outside of a person’s body. Some people use a condom. A condom is a rubber tube that is put on a man’s penis before having sex. If a condom is used correctly, it keeps the fluids from the penis and vagina from mixing and this way keeps ME out of THEIR bodies.

But when it comes time for CRS to apologize or look to correct the problem, rather than admitting fault and expelling the CRS employees responsible for the creation of this  material, CRS has taken to pretending that someone else actually created the document, and the problem really was one of a lack of oversight.  In a recent article titled, “Catholic Relief Services Responds to Criticisms over HIV Document, Employees,” a representative of CRS said the following:

Despite the mistakes, at no point did CRS purchase or distribute condoms. We are revising the document to ensure that it meets our standards as approved by the USCCB,” Michael Hill, a senior writer with the relief agency, told CNA Sept. 5.

Hill said the 179-page document was written in 2009 by outside consultants for a Vietnam program that aimed to halt the spread of HIV among intravenous drug users.

CRS staff prescribed revisions to the document that were not carried out by the external consultant in the final, posted document,” he said. This meant that five sentences in the document referred to condom use among couples where one person is HIV positive and the other is HIV negative.

There’s a little problem with this claim, and the problem is called “facts.”  At Societas, we kept a copy of the actual document in question found that page 11 tells a completely different story about how the document was created.

So, if we understand this correctly, the first draft of the document was written by consultant Michael Rosati (who, the document indicates, was familiar with CRS’ policies because he had worked with CRS before) and two CRS employees, Kristin Weinhauer and Tran Thi Linh Giang.  But after he wrote the first draft, it left his hands and went to CRS HQ and then to CRS Vietnam for final revisions.  This does not seem, to us, very much as if “the 179-page document was written in 2009 by outside consultants” who failed to carry out “CRS staff prescribed revisions“.

Just exactly who is calling the shots here?  Where is the oversight?  Ladies and Gentlemen, it is quite clear at this point that the inmates have taken the asylum!  Considering the fact that CRS has, in fact, produced multiple documents promoting condoms, has acted swiftly to delete these documents without comment, and is apparently willing to twist the facts about who actually created these documents to begin with, there is no way there will be a resolution to this problem until the entire organization is purged of pro-abortion, pro-contraception infiltrators working to undermine the Bride of Christ.

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