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Catholic Relief Services Funds Abortion-Expanding Organization

The restoration of Catholicism in this country, and in the world abroad, is no small undertaking, but as Catholics we have an obligation to defend our Holy Mother Church from attacks both on the outside and from the inside as well.  Here at Societas Restituo, we are committed to this defense.  As with a gangrenous wound, true healing cannot begin until infection and rotten flesh are stripped away.  It is a painful, disgusting, and horrifying process, but it is the only way to save the body, save the limb, and begin on the path to recovery.  Similarly, rooting out the rot that has infested our ranks will not be pretty, it will not feel good, and it will be horrifying.  However, without identifying the source of the problems in our Church, it will be difficult, if not impossible, for our fellow Catholics to be unified in faithfulness to our Eucharistic Lord and His Vicar on Earth.

A couple of days ago, an article on Red State revealed that Catholic Relief Services was a dues-paying member of an organization called MEDiCAM, which is dedicated to the spread of abortion throughout Cambodia. This, of course, falls on the heels of CRS’ desperate defense of its membership in an organization called the CORE Group. According to CRS, it’s membership in the CORE Group is a “means of demonstrating our faithfulness to church teaching.“  This defense, however, will be hard to use with MEDiCAM.  Membership in such an organization, because of it’s deep involvement in the expansion of abortion in Cambodia, would be comparable to membership in the International Planned Parenthood Federation. What we present below is visual proof of the claims made in the article on Red State.

As you can see here, CRS is listed as a “full member” of MEDiCAM. Here’s the link:

Catholic Relief Services is a$1 billion organization, so as a “Full Member,” whose budget is greater than $1.3 million, CRS would pay $3,000 in membership dues (see below).  This means that Catholic money that goes to CRS through funds given by pew-sitting Catholics is going to support of MEDiCAM.  The link to the membership fees is here:

As you can see here, Dr. Sok Pun of CRS is on the 2011 Steering Committee of MEDiCAM.  Here’s the link:

The agenda for MEDiCAM’s 2011 Annual General Meeting indicates that Dr. Pun participated in a discussion on MEDiCAM’s Position Paper for 2011.  Link:

A draft of this 2011 presentation paper illustrates a firm commitment to expanding abortion through various organizational recommendations:

The March printing of the 2011 Position Paper for MEDiCAM followed the recommendations to expand abortion to a T:

These MEDiCAM recommendations for 2012 call to “Scale up safe abortion services according to Abortion Law:

This MEDiCAM indicates that it produced a “Best Practices” document on, among other things, “safe” abortion:

MEDiCAM’s pro-abortion position is not a recent endeavor, however.  This MEDiCAM document from 2010 cheerfully applauds the inrease of abortion-providing hospitals, the increase of trained abortion providers, the increase of women seeking “legal abortions,” the reduction of fees for abortions, and the increase of contraception use following an abortion.

This policy paper indicates support for the expansion of abortion going back to at least 2007:

This MEDiCAM newsletter from 2005, written by the MEDiCAM Policy Advisor, specifically states that “increased access to affordable, safe abortions” would reduce maternal mortality rates:

Now … if we understand CRS’s various defenses of late, it’s $5.3 million grant to CARE was ok “because the money wasn’t fungible” and “the money didn’t come from pew-sitting Catholics.”  When it was pointed out that it’s dues-paying membership in the CORE Group WAS “fungible” and that the money DOES come from pew-sitting Catholics, CRS’s defense was that it uses its membership to bring a Catholic perspective to an organization bent on spreading condoms and other forms of birth control.  And now that we know that it is a dues-paying member of MEDiCAM, and that the dues come from pew-sitting Catholics, and that MEDiCAM is totally committed to expanding abortion in Cambodia, we wonder about the greatest profession CRS makes in its defenses, which is, “We do not fund, support or participate in any programming or advocacy that is not in line with Church teaching, including artificial birth control.”

The rot runs deep here, folks, and we have got to scrape it away in order to bring about any kind of healing. Let us pray for the folks at CRS, and let us especially pray for our bishops, whose responsibility in these matters is heavier and greater than we can ever know in this life.



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